honestbeef Service

We provide cut and packaged quality Australian beef with open and honest reporting.

Depending on your location, delivery will be either to your door or closest airport.

Currently on offer are beef packs starting at 20kg through to entire animals for Australian residences along the Australian Eastern Seaboard.  Specifically between Sydney and Brisbane. We are also currently considering Melbourne depending on demand.

Please be aware that this is not an “instant” service.  Depending on the environmental conditions and season, the number of animals ready for market will vary.  

honestbeef principles demand that numbers will be strictly limited.

It takes between 22 to 25 months to produce an honestbeef animal.  From gestation to market, the animal receives the best possible care to ensure both the healthiest and best beef possible.  Only those animals that pass health and physical tests are considered.

When ready, the animal is processed at the abbatoir and then hung for 6 days to ensure its tenderness.  It is then sent to the butcher where it is immediately cut and packed.  We then ship the beef straight to you.