honestbeef Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will it fit in my fridge?

We think that the average fridge/freezer will easily accomodate a 20kg beef pack.
See Storage for more details

How is it packed?

With as little packaging as possible.
See Packaging for more details

What's in the sausage?

Beef, Brown Rice Flour and Sea Salt
See Ingredients for more details

What's in the mince?


How long will my pack last?

The standard 20kg beef pack should last a family of four (4) people between 2 and 4 months.

Where are you based?

In the Northern Rivers of NSW, Richmond Valley and surrounding districts.

How long will my order take?

Between 14 and 45 days. Depending on demand and environmental conditions, it may be longer.  We will inform you of the expected time frame once we receive an Order Request.

How and when do I pay you?

We will give you a BSB and Account for you to deposit into when you submit an order.

Once you have completed an Order Request, honestbeef looks at the animals ready for sale and assigns you an Order Number. This Order Number is linked to an animal and is marked as "Reserved".   The animal will only be reserved for a limited time after you have received confirmation from us that an animal is available. 

Once full payment has been made, the Order is marked as "Sold".  If payment has not been made within the time frame given, the link between the animal and Order is broken and you will have to resubmit your order.

See Order Cycle for more details