honestbeef Concept

The ability to offer you a flat rate per kilogram, is based on the fact that beef cattle are valued by weight and are sold as a whole unit.  By apportioning the animal evenly, we are able to offer a flat rate for all cuts.  In essence you are buying a share in the animal.  The proportions you receive are identical to the proportions an animal actually provides.

When ready, the animal yields between 33% and 42% of its body mass into high quality Australian beef. We have created the term honestbeef to identify this portion of beef.


The honestbeef component is then carefully handled to provide the optimal amount of quality beef cuts possible.  The beef is then divided into beef packs

honestbeef endeavours, through sustainable and caring methods, to improve the amount of quality beef an animal can produce. honestbeef will never jeopardise the animal’s health for the sake of “more beef”. An obese animal is not a happy animal.